Out on MARCH 27th, 2020


1. Apzu 11:18
2. Feis Mor Tir na n’Og (Across the North Sea to Visnech) 08:05
3. Cyntefyn’s Fountain 03:46
4. A Quest into the 77th Novel 05:48
5. Our Lust for Lunar Plains (Nox Luna Inlustris) 01:49
6. The Coming of War (Morbid Scream cover) 05:15
7. The Sun of Tiphareth 07:06

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Once again, the Mythological Occult Metal legends Absu joins forces with Osmose Productions to reprint their sophomore invocation The Sun Of Tiphareth. Originally released in 1995 and now marking its 25th anniversary, this revamped LP is presented as the “2012 Alternate Stereo Mix Edition,” which was remixed by both Proscriptor and J.T. Longoria (King Diamond, Solitude Aeternus, Etc.) to reflect the album’s sound as the band originally intended. Featuring the original cover artwork by Kris Verwimp and gatefold layout with liner notes, one shall not be disappointed! (Full-color poster included)


Shaftiel: Guitars, Vocals
Emperor Proscriptor Magikus: Vocals, Drums
Lord Equitant Alastor: Bass, Effects

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