2002 – Formed by Itaru and Hiromasa with COHOL’s first drummer Kenta who they found through some auditions for drummers. The band was named COHOL, which stood for “Consume the Obsessed Hatred On the Liturgy”.
They wrote 3 songs and held their first rite in the city of Utsunomiya, and released the first demo tape “QUENTTE ESSENCE”.
2004 – They stepped on the soil of another part of the world, through an Asian tour hitting Malaysia and Singapore. On tour, they played four gigs with Tiala(Tokyo) and Gauge Means Nothing (Kawagoe).
2005 – Released 2nd demo “Crying Of Humanity On the Liturgy”. It was distributed only around Tokyo and was limited to 500 copies, and fully sold out.
2007 – Released 3rd demo “Deserted, and wait for”. In December, played with DEAD (Germany) in their Japan tour.
2008 – In December, Kenta (Drummer) left COHOL.
2009 – In January, COHOL found the new drummer BOMBER and started recording their first album after his joining.
2010 – 1st album [KU-DO] (translated as “Deepened Flaw in the Dark” when sent to overseas reviewers) was released. Played with Envy (Japan) on their tour. After the tour, participated in the Agathocles (Belgium) Japan tour with Butcher ABC (Japan).
2011 – 2nd drummer BOMBER left the band to move to Germany, and soon thereafter, the present drummer Kyosuke joined COHOL. In May, COHOL toured Japan with CELESTE (France) and heaven in her arms (Japan).   Sold out limited 1,000 release of first KU-DO album.
2013 – The split album “Koku-kou” was released with Heaven in her arms(Japan) in September and toured in Japan with Portal (Australia).
2014 – Toured with Deafheaven(San Francisco, California / U.S) in Japan.
※ Itaru (Vo/Guitar) also played in IMPIETY(Singapore) from October to December 2009, touring Asia and playing in countries like Thailand with bands such as Surrender of Divinity.
※ Kyosuke(Dr) also played in Defiled(Japan) from 2008 to 2009, and has also played internationally, playing at the Ludwigshafen Death Fest(Germany) with his Death Grind band, Abort Mastication, alongside such bands as Necrophagist who also played the festival.