Out of the ashes of a German Death Metal band, TSATTHOGGUA formed in 1993 and decided to drive their efforts into an even more bizarre, faster and outrageous style. “Satanic Hyperspeed Metal” was born with the release of their 95 demo tape “Siegeswille” which led to interest of the infamous French label Osmose Productions. 1996 the debut album “Hosanna Bizarre” was thrown upon a rotting world.

TSATTHOGGUA made their way to destroy the stages of Europe and played alongside scene giants like MARDUK, ENTHRONED, RAGNARÖK, GEHENNA, HELHEIM and many more. They always attracted their loyal audience by wearing leather and latex masks to emphasize their reference to the dark, lost and forgotten realms of mankind.

With the 98 production of their second album “Trans Cunt Whip” the five weirdos entered the Swedish Abyss Studios of Peter Tägtgren and released the even more brutal and hateful successor CD. HYPOCRISY bass player and sound engineer Michael Hedlund arranged a compact, punk compatible style of the album which clearly stands out of the masses of Black Metal at those times.

During the late 90s TSATTHOGGUA played some more gigs around Europe and released an EP, again through their long time label Osmose Productions. In the year of 2000 the band suddenly split up. Guitarist Nar Marratuk and drummer Lightning Bolt founded kinky and badass families instead. The band left stage with the words “3000 V Kum”.

Not 1000 but only 20 years later, Osmose Productions decided to vinylize both old albums and concurrently rerelease the CDs in a modern layout. TSATTHOGGUA now plan to play concerts again but first they have to find the lost guitarist Nar Marratuk. Space is eternal.


North Wind – vocals, keyboards
Nar Marratuk – guitars
Perverted Pete – guitars
False Prophet – bass guitar
Lightning Bolt – drums