Out on MAY 29th, 2020


01. V.I.T.R.I.O.L. 03:28
02. Hallstatt 04:10
03. Manannan 05:32
04. Never Blow Out the Eastern Candle 04:24
Bonus tracks:
05. The Gold Torques of Ulaid 03:50
06. And Shineth Until the Cold Cometh… (live) 04:33
07. Fantazizing to the Third of the Pagan Vision & … of Celtic Fire, We Are Born (live) 07:58
08. Drum Solo (live) 01:51
09. The Gold Torques of Ulaid (live) 03:37

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Absu: The Texas Tyrants Of Torment are back at it again joining forces with Osmose Productions to reinstate their 1998 mini-album In The Eyes Of Ioldánach. This reissue has now grown into a full-length album featuring the following: the original 1998 EP, Gummo movie soundtrack bonus The Gold Torques Of Uláid, as well as four live soundboard recordings captured in Toulouse, France from 1997. Most importantly, all tracks have been meticulously mastered for vinyl from the original DAT tape for optimum sound. (Full-color poster included)



Shaftiel: Guitars, Vocals

Emperor Proscriptor Magikus: Vocals, Drums

Lord Equitant Alastor: Bass, Effects

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