European Tour 2018 (+ Canada) Announced!!


DIOCLETIAN European Tour

Interview with Nokturnal Mortum’s leader Varggoth

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nokturnal mortum live

Check out all NOKTURNAL MORTUM stuff on our webstore: http://www.osmoseproductions.com/liste/index.cfm?what=all&lng=2&tete=nokturnal+mortum.


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AD HOMINEM has revealed a new track: Bomb The Earth!!!

Listen here: https://osmoseproductions.bandcamp.com/album/napalm-for-all

And Preorder all versions CD, DIGIPACK, TAPE, Gatefold LP, TS, HSW…:

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New deal ink!!


PERNICION: Two men death metal outfit based in Birmingham, UK have inked a deal to work with the Osmose Productions for their two upcoming releases. 

The band features multi-instrumentalist Anil Carrier (Anaal Nathrakh-live, Binah, No More Room In Hell & Towers of Flesh) alongside Dan Benton (vocals) and will be unleashing their debut EP in the coming months.


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