KHAOS DEI “Aux Morts”

“Ouvrez le Ban.


Le 11 novembre, au carrefour de Rethondes, les Allemands signent l’Armistice, conscients que la poursuite de la guerre ne pouvait se conclure que par une défaite plus douloureuse encore. A 11h, la Première Guerre Mondiale est finie. 50 pays y ont participé, les cinq continents furent concernés, 60 millions d’hommes ont combattu, 10 millions sont morts, 10 millions ont été gravement blessés.  Quatre empires se sont effondrés. 
Et parmis eux…les nôtres.
Aux morts.
Fermez le Ban.”


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MORGUILIATH “Venom and Vomit” premiere track

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From the upcoming album “Occult Sins, New Unhloy Dimension”, out on Nov. 26th!
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#morguiliath #osmoseproductions #blackmetal #blacklegions


Osmose Productions is very proud to announce the signing of Sorcier Des Glaces!

« Today is a very important milestone in Sorcier Des Glaces career, and we are extremely proud of this achievement. Several of my favorite lifelong albums have been released on Osmose Productions and for me, this label represents one of the founding pillars of this scene. If I had ever imagined that this “little” musical project that I started back in 1997 (which was supposed to be a side project in the beginning) would evolve like this, I wouldn’t have believed it myself! It’s a great gift for Sorcier Des Glaces, as we will be celebrating our 25th birthday in 2022. »

S. Robitaille, October 1st 2021

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