DØDSFALL was formed in Nov/Dec of 2009 in Norway, to spread their negative emotions through raw, cold, old school Black Metal. *January 2010 A 2 demo songs called “Svarte Vinger”, was recorded and weeks later they signed a record deal with the German label Obscure Abhorrence Productions. Founder Guitarist ISHTAR started to record the full-lenght album in March entitled “Den Svarte Skogen”, during the recording V-REX known from the bands Aeternus, Ancient and Arvas joined the band on Vocals. The album was released in May of 2011 by Obscure Abhorrence Productions. *October 2011 After the release of the debut album, another musician joined the band, bassist GRAVE from Stockholm, Sweden (ex-Ondskap, Infuneral). Later the band started to write music for a new album. *August 2012 The 2nd album is entitled “Inn i Mørkets Kongedømme” is released with 8 brand new tracks, mastered by Swedish producer Devo Andersson at Endarker Studio (Ragnarok, Marduk, Ofermod, The Legion). This album was released by Obscure Abhorrence Productions. During the recording of the 2nd  album, the band decided to record more songs for a future EP. *September Some changes into the line-up happened and V-REX left the band along with GRAVE, this departure was due to personal issues of each member. *October Ishtar started to write some tracks and record a pre-production for a new album. *November ADRAMELECH from the band Svarthaueg  joined the band on vocals on a permanent basis.

February 2013 The new EP is released and is entitled “Kronet i Svart Eld” which includes some guests; Devo Andersson (Marduk) playing Bass on one song and Necrosadist from Sorcery/Patronymicon guest vocals too on same song entitled “I Skuggans Famn”, Fauk from Hordagaard wrote the satanic poetry for the song “Inn I Fjellets Dypeste Dyp”. This EP was released by the Swedish label Unexploded Records. *March The band entered Endarker Studio located in Norrköping, Sweden with producer Devo Andersson (Marduk) to record their new album entitled “Djevelens Evangelie”

June : “Djevelens Evangelie” one more time was released by German label Obscure Abhorrence Productions. Next chapter, coming soon…

*September 2013,
The band signed a record deal with Osmose Productions for 2 full-length albums.

The band played live for the first time in Oslo, Norway.

*February 2014
7 new songs were written for a new album to be recorded in Autumn.

After some live shows the band entered Sunlight Studio in Sweden with legendary producer Tomas Skogsberg (Gorgoroth, Darkthrone, Old Man’s Child)) to record their new opus called “Kaosmakt” Mastering was made by Devo Andersson at Endarker Studio. The band recruited talented drummer J. Wallgren VALKYRJA, OCTOBER TIDE, for the drum session duties.

*November 2015
ADRAMELECH left the band and the new single “Forakt for Livet” was released online.

*January 2016
“Kaosmakt” is released on January 30th 2015 on Cd and LP.

The band played at the Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo together with Exodus and Gorguts.

*January 2017
“Helvetets Griftegård” cd compilation was released in Brazil and Mexico.

The band started to write new material for a new album.

*July 2018
The band filmed a video clip in support for the new album.

The band entered the Necromorbus studio with the producer Tore Stjerna to record the new album entitled ” Døden Skal Ikke Vente” to be released on January 25th 2019.


Next chapter soon…




Is – Guitars, Bass and vocals
Telall – Drums.


2010 – Svarte Vinger (Demo)

2011 – Den Svarte Skogen (Full-length) Obscure Abhorrence Productions

2012 – Inn i Mørkets Kongedømme (Full-length) Obscure Abhorrence Productions

2013 – Kronet i Svart Eld (Extended Play, EP) Unexploded Records.

2015 – Kaosmakt (Full-length) on Osmose Productions.

2019 – Døden Skal Ikke Vente (Full-length) on Osmose Productions.





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1. Merket I Sjel og Blod
2. Forakt for Livet
3. Under Fane av Kosmik Hat
4. Kaosmakt
5. Heksenes Natt
6. Ain
7. Fitte av Kristus