Inferno Of Sacred Destruction

reissue 2019 LP

Out on FEB 22nd, 2019

Black Witchery was formed out of the ashes of the obscure black/death metal Irreverent in late 1996.   The band released 2 demo tapes and a seven inch ep which were both well received by the underground.   In 1998, the “Hellstorm of Evil Vengeance” split cd/lp with Canadian Extremists Conqueror (RIP) was released…

The band was then signed to Fullmoon Productions who would later release the infamous debut, “Desecration of the Holy Kingdom” …. this release by far overshadows anything else the band has done;  being much more  aggressive, brutal faster and  extreme than anything released previously.

Shortly before attacking europe , the band was approached by Osmose Productions and agreed to sign for 2 releases of pure demonic warfare. 

After many delays and unexpected situations, the band finally finished  recording “Upheaval of Satanic Might” in November/December 2004. 

2010, BLACK WITCHERY present here INFERNO OF SACRED DESTRUCTION. LP was limited to 1000 copies, come with a 20 pages booklet.


Impurath – Vocals/Bass      /      Tregenda – Guitars      /       Vaz – Drums