Depleted Light And
The Death Of Uniqueness

Out on OCT 25th, 2019



1 – Light Belongs to Our Heresy (6.08)
2 – Upon the Fallen Worlds (4.58)
3 – Corruption of Existential Structure (4.20)
4 – Inevitable Vortex.. Swallowed Divinity (5.35)
5 – Perceived Integrity of Lord (5.15)
6 – Hidden in Infinite Chaos (7.03)
7 – Everlasting Fractal Luminiscence (6.32)
8 – Reborn from Energy.. Sublime Demons (5.57)

In this debut full-length Horrocious points the egoism and ambition of the divinity and his spatial prison in the thearchia light of his orders when he wanted to be respected, and prepares the ground for an endless struggle. true power of the Lucipherian energy above the spiritual light and embraces infinite sinfulness by rebelling against the incomprehensible secret uniqueness trapped in sanctity. would it be forgotten that the war of freedom given by the falling angels and the wrath of sealed old evil spirits? from the creation to the scarcity of information, the salvation of humiliated existence will be realized by the destruction of all the things mentioned as goodness so the control of the worlds was only an embarrassing force, and the irresistible principles and authorities destroyed endless dissatisfaction and the system was designed in stages and the system of interdependence was inevitable. because this was rebellious son Lucifer’s eternal war against the integrity of all worlds.

Godslayer: Guitars
Tyrannic Profanator: Vocals
Erhan K: Bass
Goatperv_: Drums
Can G: Guitars

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