Out on JANUARY 31st, 2020

1. Incineration of the Body by Own Will 02:03
2. Process to Decelerate 02:06
3. Inhume 03:05
4. Genetic Intervention 01:18
5. Prelude to Human Confinement 00:42
6. Scourging 01:57
7. In for the Kill 02:12
8. Decimated Content 02:37
9. Ignorance of the Elevated 02:22
10. Bitch Redecoration 01:39
11. Bowel Movement 01:52
12. Profound Presumption 00:28
13. Fucked with Paranoia 01:45
14. Blood Orgy at 7th Street 02:31
15. Sodomizing Encounter 02:54
16. Retreat from Morality 02:22

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Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Dutch Death Grinders INHUME, Osmose Productions will be re-releasing their first album under the Osmose flag once again. Inhume’s “In For The Kill” is a strong contender for most brutal album ever! Recorded semi live at Franky’s Recording Kitchen by Berthus Westerhuis (a.o. Asphyx, God Dethroned, Severe Torture, Dead Head) this beast contains 16 tracks of relentless and over the top brutal grinding blastbeats and monstrous riffs guaranteed to please even the most spoiled death ‘n grind afficionados! Not for the faint-hearted as this one really is “In For The Kill” and veteran GrindCore and Deathmetal Fans alike will once more be able to enjoy this masterpiece from the lowlands!



Loek Peeters: Bass
Ben Janssen: Guitars
Harold Gielen: Guitars
Joost Silvrants: Vocals
Johan Dirkx: Vocals
Roel Sanders: Drums

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