2014 01 27

Osmose Productions is very proud to announce a deal with the German Black Metal act DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT concerning a special vinyl edition for the albums “Follow The Calls for Battle”, “Nocturnal March” & “Hora Nocturna”.








2014 01 21



MUTILATOR “Immortal Force” LP 
350gram outercover, printed inner sleeve, 180grm vinyl black or clear.



REVENGE “Victory Intolerance Mastery” LP 
Casewrapped cover with silver foil, printed inner sleeve, 180grm vinyl black or silver.



2014 09 01


MARDUK. Fuck me Jesus MCD / MLP

The Mlp consists of 3 different limited colour editions
with silkscreen on B side.
Both are also under the original demo recording.
Not remastered and no bonus track.



 IXXI “Skulls’n’Dust” gatefold LP

The new album comes with a 350grm reverse board print
and 180grm vinyl either black or bone colour.
The CD will be released in a few days.



 IXXI “Assorted Armament”gatefold LP

The 2007 album re-issue comes with a 350grm reverse board print
and 180grm vinyl either black or white colour.
The CD will be released in few days.

2014 01 06

CAÏNAN DAWN   Thavmial

(official teaser)





2013 12 31

2014 releases :IMMORTAL “Blizzard Beasts” LP (re-issue)
WITCHRIST “The Grand Tormentor” DLP Gatefold + booklet (re-issue)
MARDUK “Fuck me Jesus” MLP + Silkscreen side (Re-issue)
BESTIA ARCANA “To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu” DLP Gatefold + Silkscreen side D
IXXI “Assorted Armament” CD/LP
IXXI “Skull’n’Dust” CD/LP
REVENGE “Victory Intolerance Mastery” Casewrapped LP
DOCTOR LIVINGSTONE ” Contempus Saeculis” CD
MUTILATOR “Immortal Force” LP
CAÏNAN DAWN “Thavmial” CD / DLP Gatefold
EMPTY “Etica Profana Negativa” CD/LPAnd in no particular order still for 2014 :

SICKRITES “Irreverent Death Megaliths” CD
SARCOFAGO “I.N.R.I” Gatefold LP + Special “Ludo Evil” Edition LP
BLASPHEMY “Gods of War + Blood Upon The Altar” Special “Ludo Evil” Edition LP
NECROMANTIA “Crossing the Fiery Path” CD/LP (re-issue)
NECROMANTIA “Scarlet Evil Witching Black” CD/LP (re-issue)
NECROMANTIA “Ancient Pride” CD/LP (re-issue)
SEX TRASH “Sexual Carnage” LP
CHAKAL “Abominable Anno Domini” LP
HOLOCAUSTO “Campo De Exterminio” LP
MARDUK “Glorification” MCD/MLP
MARDUK “Live in Germania” CD/LP
MARDUK “Heaven shall Burn…When we are Gathered” CD/LP
MARDUK “Nightwing” CD/LP
MARDUK “Panzer Division Marduk” CD/LP
MARDUK “Obedience + Here’s no Peace” CD/LP
IMPALED NAZARENE “Suomi Finland Perkele” CD/LP
+ more to be announce on time

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