2014 09 03

DØDSFALL will enter Sunlight Studio on October 1st to record their new album still untitled.

Nagash of TROLL will do guest vocals on a couple of tracks and J. Wallgren of VALKYRJA will do guest drums on the entire album.

Studio reports will be posted almost every day on the band’s official Facebook page so you can follow the process of the new DØDSFALL’s attack.
The album will be produced by legendary Tomas Skogsberg (Gorgoroth, Old Man’s Child, Arckanum) and will contain 7 tracks of extreme, aggressive and Unholy Black Metal!

This marks DØDSFALL’s debut with the mighty Osmose Productions and the 4th full length album on the band’s discography. The album title will be revealed soon, stay tuned for more news…”

Web: https://www.facebook.com/dodsfall
Booking: www.allegrotalent.net     /    https://www.facebook.com/Allegro.Talent.Music.Management