In 1997 Memnock (Susperia a.o) founded Abyssic Dreams and recorded a two song-demo together with drummer Athera (now vocalist in Susperia and Chrome Division). Not much happened after that as they focused on Susperia – a band they started together with Tjodalv (Dimmu Borgir) and guitarist Elvorn.
Abyssic Dreams went into hibernation and in 2012 Memnock wanted to give life to his old project again after coincidentally meeting Andre Aaslie who just had finished the debut album of the orchestral extreme metal band Gromth. He told Memnock that he worked on a doom metal project and they decided to exchange ideas for a possible cooperation. This was the beginning of a unique collaboration between the two, and within one and a half year they had material enough to start the recording of the album. Memnock’s band mate in Susperia, Elvorn, was engaged as guitarist, and soon after Asgeir Mickelson (Borknagar, Ihsahn, Spiral Architect a.o) came in to handle the drums. The band changed name from Abyssic Dreams to Abyssic and went into the reputable Toproom Studio to record the album during 2014.  The mix & mastering of A Winter’s Tale found place at the very same place the winter of 2015.
Abyssic is hitting the studio 25 of september 2017 to start recording the new Abyssic opus.
Line-up of the band is now:

Memnock: Vocals/Contrabass/Bass

Elvorn: Guitar

André Aaslie: Keys/Orchestration

Tjodalv: Drums

Makhashanah: Bass

Highest quality of Heavy Death Doom metal from some of the most famous members from the Norwegian scene!

Available on LP, CD.


1. A Funeral Elegy 12:37

2. A Winter’s Tale 28:13

3. Sombre Dreams 15:22

4. The Silent Shrine 22:56



80 minutes of epic orchestral doom/ death metal from musicians known from such acts as Susperia, Dimmu Borgir, Sirenia and Funeral.

Abyssic convey sombre funeral doom draped in Norwegian black metal majesty and sophisticated 70’s progressive rock.

Low-tuned sinister riffs and discerning orchestration for fans of Septic Flesh, My Dying Bride and Shape Of Despair.

Double LP gatefold with awesome artwork from Mitchell Nolte

Abyssic have received awesome reactions to their liveshows with a mosaic of visual semblance on stage like Contrabass, Mellotron and Moog.


Available as CD Digipack and limited Gatefold Double LP


1. Adornation 8:11

2. High The Memory 20:39

3. Transition Consent 12:38

4. Where My Pain Lies 20:37

5. Dreams Become Flesh 15:12