AEGRUS is a Finnish Black Metal band formed in 2005 at Kouvola, Finland by Darkseer Inculta and Lux Tenebris. It started as a vision about satanic devotion and mockery against christianity but during the years the vision has vastly grown to concern about members passionate interest towards death, darkness, Luciferian worldview and transcendental knowledge.

The band worked in the deep underground for the first years of its existence, making series of fierce demos and an EP. Then the time was right to start preparing debut full length album and cult black metal label Drakkar Productions interested about Aegrus and catched band under its wings. Aegrus’ debut full length album “Devotion For The Devil” came through Drakkar in 2015.

It was received very well among the critics and listeners with its very harsh and powerful Finnish black metal sound full of great riffs and majestic melodies. Debut album was followed soon after with strong EP titled ”Conjuring the Old Echoes” (2016) and together with multiple live shows the band started gaining a reputation as a strong live band with its reaping energy.

In 2017 incarnated bands second full length album “Thy Numinous Darkness” through Finnish underground label Saturnal Records. Band held the bar high and reviews were again very positive.

In 2019 time was right to release third full length album called “In Manus Satanas” (Saturnal Records) and this was first album recorded with the present line-up. Both Praestigiator (guitar) and Serpentifer (drums) were along several years before but this was the first time they participated in recordings too. “In Manus Satanas” gathered perhaps most positive reviews of all full lengths so far and left followers of the band to thirst for more…

In 2021 Aegrus signed to legendary Osmose Productions.


Darkseer Inculta:  vocals

Lux Tenebris: guitars, bass, backing vocals

Praestigiator: guitars

Serpentifer: drums



– 2006 Unholy Invocations (demo)

– 2009 Faith Crushing Retribution (demo)

– 2011 Luciferian Engravings (EP)

– 2013 Years of Hate & Desecration (compilation)

– 2013 Ritual (demo)

– 2015 Devotion for the Devil (Full-length)

– 2016 Conjuring the Old Echoes (EP)

– 2017 Thy Numinous Darkness (Full-length)

– 2019 In Manus Satanas (Full-length)

– 2019 Wolves Howl Revenge (EP)