Akrotheism is a Greek black metal band created during 2012 to perform violent, experimental black metal under matters of esotericism and philosophy.



October 2013: Split release with Order Of The Ebon Hand 

Released in CD format by Ewiges Eis Records, 7 inch vinyl format by III Damnation/Killyourself Productions, MC format by Darker Than Black/Werewolf Promotion.

March 2014: Band’s debut album “Behold The Son Of Plagues”

Released in CD format by Odium Records, LP format by III Damnation Productions / Odium Records, MC format by III Damnation Productions.

March 2015: Split release with Septuagint, under the name, “Sphinx: The Great Enigma of Times”.

Released in CD format by Forever Plagued Records. LP format by DeathHammer Records (February 2018).