ANGELCORPSE: Black/Death Metal band born on the ashes of Pete Helmkamp’s previous band, Order from Chaos, originally from Kansas City, Missouri.

Angelcorpse is born of and forged from iron, blood, and blasphemy. Helmkamp’s lyrics consist of warfare, chaos, and abomination.

1996: Pete Helmkamp (bass/vocals) and Gene Palubicki (guitars) recorded a demo with John Longstreth (drums) entitled “Goats to Azazel”.

1996: Angelcorpse signs to Osmose Productions.

1996: “Hammer of Gods” was released with Helmkamp, Palubicki and Longstreth.

1997: “Exterminate” was released with Helmkamp, Palubicki, Longstreth and rhythm guitarist Bill Taylor.

1998: Angelcorpse relocates to Tampa, Florida.

1999: “The Inexorable” was released with Helmkamp, Palubicki and drummer Tony Laureano.

Angelcorpse toured from 1996 to 2000 in the US, Canada and Europe.

2000: The band broke up.

2006: Helmkamp, Palubicki and Longstreth recorded the album “Of Lucifer And Lightning”. Angelcorpse toured the US and Europe during the following two years.

2009: Helmkamp and Palubicki decided to put the band on hold and pursued their side projects (Perdition Temple, Blasphemic Cruelty, Kerasphorus, Abhomine).

December 2015: Helmkamp and Palubicki decided to reunite after many requests from a younger generation of maniacs that have not seen Angelcorpse live. Ronnie Parmer joins on the drums.

Angelcorpse has had the honor to share the stage with Immortal, Impaled Nazarene, Cannibal Corpse, Marduk, Krisiun, Satyricon, Arkhon Infaustus, Incantation, Watain, Gospel of Horns, and Revenge.


Final line-up

Pete Helmkamp – bass, vocals

Gene Palubicki – guitar

Ronnie Parmer – Drums

Former members

Tony Laureano – drums

Bill Taylor – guitar

Ken Phillips-Live guitar

Steve Bailey – live guitar

John Longstreth – drums

Paul Collier- drums

J.R. Daniels – drums

Terry “Warhead” – drums

Kelly McLauchlin- Guitar