Early 1995 : Anorexia Nervosa is created upon the ashes of Necromancia, a quite famous local Dark Death-Metal band.

October 1995 : The “Nihil Negativum” demo is released. The band plays some gigs in France to promote this demo. His theatrical and neo-expressionist performances definitely confirm the band’s reputation into the French underground. 1200 copies of “Nihil Negativum” are sold.

1997 : Anorexia Nervosa signs with local label Season of Mist. The first album, “Exile” is released, produced by Stéphane Buriez from French band Loudblast. The band plays a lot of gigs in France with bands such as Cradle of Filth, Sup, Enslaved, Opera IX, Absu, Misanthrope, etc.

Early 1998 : Two members leave the band because of some musical divergences. Two months later, RMS Hreidmarr (vocals) and Mr Xort (synths) take over from them.

February 1999 : After one year spent working on new stuff and studying classical composing technics, Anorexia Nervosa signs with cult metal label Osmose Productions. Straight after, the band records a new provocative and ambitious mini-cd, “Sodomizing the Archedangel”.


September 1999 : Anorexia Nervosa is on tour in France with Norwegian act Immortal.

March 2000 : The new album, “Drudenhaus”, is released, recorded at Drudenhaus Studios, the band’s own studios. Fans and press reactions are all very good, Anorexia Nervosa becomes one of the most famous French Metal bands.


Autumn 2000 : The band plays a lot of gigs in France, Switzerland and Benelux. More and more enthusiastic fans come to see the Anorexia Nervosa’s highly visual and intense live shows.

April 2001 : Anorexia Nervosa plays at some European festivals, with bands such as Marduk, Benediction, Vader, Mortician, etc.

Late October 2001 : “New Obscurantis Order”, the long awaited third album, is released again on Osmose Productions, after more than three months of recording at Drudenhaus Studios. This new opus is certainly the most ambitious French Metal release ever.


February 2002 : The band plays on the first part of the Dark Funeral’s European tour as an opening act. First shows in UK. Really great feedback from the audience.

 Spring 2002 : The band plays some headlining shows in France, all sold-out.

 Autumn 2002 : The band starts a French headlining tour.

April 2003: The band begins to work on his new effort and decides to split up with label Osmose Productions.

March 2004: The band signs with Listenable Records in Europe / World and Soundholic Records in Japan.

May 2004: After one entire year spent rehearsing and working on the preproduction of new songs, Anorexia Nervosa finally enters the Drudenhaus Studios to record his fourth album, which is probably going to be the band’s most huge and ambitious effort ever.

October 2004: Fourth album “Redemption Process” is finally released, and acclaimed by the press worldwide as one of the best albums this year!


Nihil Negativum (demo) – 1995

Exile – 1997 (Season of Mist)

Sodomizing the Archedangel (EP) – 1999 (Osmose Productions)

Drudenhaus – 2000 (Osmose Productions)

New Obscurantis Order – 2001 (Osmose Productions)

Suicide is Sexy (early material and rarities) – 2004 (Apokalypse Records)

Redemption Process – 2004 (Listenable Records)

The September EP – 2005 (Listenable Records)