Cainan Dawn was formed in 2003 by Kobal and Heruforod. In 2007, the only demo made by the band emerged on the underground French label Eisiger Mond Productions under the name of “In Darkness I Reign.”

The demo was well received in the scene and the underground press. This helped reiterate the experience with a full-fledged album. “Nibiru” was released in 2010 as a digisleeve under the French label Those Opposed Records. This opus was also well received. Music-wise, the album has influences taken from the second wave of Scandinavian black metal. The concept behind it retraces the different stages and phases of Nibiru in the Sumerian mythology. Thereafter, the line-up was extended with 2 more members. Therefore, Caïnan Dawn was able to play live shows and festivals with bands such as Inquisition (USA), Himinbjorg (FR), Nehëmah (FR), and Kult (IT).

Today, the band, which is based in Chambéry, France , is composed of four members:  Heruforod on guitars and vocals (ex-Irmensul), Avgruun on rhythm guitars (ex-Malmort), Keithan on bass guitar (Maïeutiste) and Hljodr on drums (ex-Evohé).