2003 Anno Domini. During this year, Heruforod and Kobal decided to form “CAINAN DAWN” to exteriorize an idea: making palpable the unreal and the hidden. A first demo was recorded in the chaos and depression and it fell into oblivion. From then, a stasis settled.

After months of reflection and study, it was not until the end of 2005 that the band recorded the demo “IN DARKNESS I REIGN” in the south of France. Direct, unfathomable and destructive, it allowed to be signed with the label Lille Eisiger Mond Productions for a release in 2008. It was from this moment that the band moved to Savoie, with a rallying of Hjoldr (Mysteriarch) on drums and Sorghal (Nehëmah) on lead guitar. Shortly afterwards, Kobal detached himself from the band and Keithan (Maïeutiste, Barús) took his place on bass guitar..

The years that followed were rich in the study of the occult. The writings of John Dee and Edward Kelley, the works of Eliphas Levy and the Golden Dawn forge the creation of the album “NIBIRU”, released in 2011 at Those Opposed Records. Following the departure of Sorghal, Avgruun (Himinbjorg, Allobrogia) replaces him on the lead guitar.

But a more personal and more accomplished work is manifested in Heruforod. For two years, the album “thAVMIAL” was built. The Left Hand Path as well as the Kabbalah and the duality shadow and light will compose the eight titles of the album. It allowed “CAINAN DAWN” to sign with Osmose Productions.

In 2017, the album “F O H A T” will be born. For this recording, Kloct (South of Hell, Allobrogia) replaces Hjoldr. F O H A T is the cosmic energy inhabiting the cosmos. With this album, the revelations of Helena Blavatsky and “The Secret Doctrine” will bring the illumination …


2003 Anno Domini. Durant cette année, Heruforod et Kobal décidèrent de former “CAINAN DAWN” pour extérioriser une idée, celle de rendre palpable l’irréel et le caché. Une première démo fut enregistré dans le chaos et la dépression et elle tomba dans l’oubli. Dès lors, une stase s’installa.

Après de long de mois de réflexion et d’étude, ce n’est que fin 2005 que le groupe enregistre la démo “IN DARKNESS I REIGN” dans le sud de la France. Direct, insondable et destructeur, il permit d’être signé chez le label lillois Eisiger Mond Productions pour une sortit en 2008. C’est à partir de ce moment que le groupe déménagea  en Savoie,  avec un ralliement de Hjoldr (Mysteriarch) à la batterie et de Sorghal (Nehëmah)  à la guitare lead. Peu de temps après, Kobal se détache du groupe et Keithan (Maïeutiste,  Barús) prend sa place à la basse.

Les années qui suivirent furent riche en étude de l’occulte. Les écrits de John Dee et Edward Kelley, les ouvrages d’Eliphas Levy ainsi que la Golden Dawn forge la création de l’album “NIBIRU”, sortie en 2011 chez Those Opposed Records.  Suite au départ de Sorghal, Avgruun (Himinbjorg, Allobrogia) le remplace à la guitare lead.

Mais une œuvre plus personnelle  et plus abouti se manifeste chez Heruforod. Pendant deux ans, l’album “thAVMIAL” se construit.  La voix de la main gauche ainsi qua la Kabbale se mêle et la dualité ombre et lumière vont composer les huit titres de l’album. Cet album permit à “CAINAN DAWN” de signer chez Osmose Productions.

En 2017, l’album “F O H A T” verra le jour. Pour cet enregistrement, Kloct (South of Hell, Allobrogia) remplace Hjoldr.  F O H A T est l’énergie cosmique habitant le cosmos.  Avec cet album, les révélations d’Helena Blavatsky et “La Doctrine Secrète” amèneront l’illumination…




2008 – “In Darkness I Reign” Demo released by Eisiger Mond Productions

2011 – “Nibiru” available on Those Opposed Records

2014 – “thAVMIAL” available on Osmose Productions

2017 – “FOHAT” available October, 27st on Osmose Productions




Once again, CAINAN DAWN has probed the infinite resonance of the everlasting chaos. Through seven tracks with strong atmosphere, the cosmic substance FOHAT revealed the mysterious link between Mind and Matter.  FOHAT  is the personified electric vital power, the transcendental binding unity of all cosmic energies, on the unseen as on the manifested planes.  This is the final of a reversed path that was ending with Nibiru, the destructor and followed by thAVMIAL, the twins.

Recorded at studio La Forge, mastered by Patrick from WSL Studio.

Artwork by Above Chaos.


Prepare for a journey beyond eternity.





YLEM (track 2 from FOHAT)


OM (track 7 of FOHAT)<



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