ELDERBLOOD is a Symphonic Black Death Metal band from Ukraine


Elderblood are:
Astargh: guitars, bass, keys, samples, orchestral and voice
Odalv: drums

Live Members:
Blodorn: bass
Topheth: guitars


ELDERBLOOD is a Symphonic Black Death Metal band from Ukraine,
founded in 2011 by frontman and guitarist Astargh. At the same time drummer Odalv joined the band.
In febrary 2012 Hagalth joined the band as a bass-guitarist
June 25 , 2013 “Son of the Morning» recorded at «Dark Essence recording studio» was released by Paragon rec.
At autumn 2013 Topheth joined the band as live guitarist.
December 2013 Elderblood played at Via Sinistra fest and Oscorei fest.
July 2014 Elderblood present debut music video “My Death» and played at Carpathian Alliance fest
At february 2015 Hagalth was fired and Blodorn joined the band
June 2015 Elderblood finished work on album «Messiah» and played at Hell Fast Attack fest










Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Elderblood218
Band contact: elderblood218@gmail.com