Extreme Noise Terror formed in January 1985 and at their first gig were immediately signed up by Manic Ears Records. The first release was a split album with Chaos U.K. called ‘Radioactive/Earslaughter’ which firmly stamped their caustic arrival all over an unsuspecting music scene, mixing metallic aggression with punk attitude, leaving an indelible impact, helped in no small way by (at the time) a totally original barbaric double vocal attack. 
Shortly after the release Pig Killer (drums) left the band and was replaced by Mick Harris of Napalm Death. 
1987 Proved a significant year for ENT as Radio 1 DJ John Peel became very interested after seeing the band live and offered them a session on Radio 1. Which was later released on vinyl by the BBC.
In 1988 ENT changed drummers again this time Stick from Doom filling the stool, following this they recorded the aptly titled ‘Holocaust in your Head’ album, and full European and Japanese tours followed.
By 1991 Extreme Noise Terror recorded ‘Phonophobia’ for Vinyl Japan, constant plays on Radio 1 by John Peel led to the KLF hearing ENT and asking them to team up to record the 3AM Eternal single, leading to single of the week in NME and Melody Maker. Almost unbelievably ENT and the KLF performed this at the Brit Awards in 1992, where they made national headlines by firing blanks from a machine gun at the unsuspecting audience and causing chaos at the after show party.
Extreme Noise Terror went on touring throughout 1993-1994 and signed to Earache releasing ‘Retrobution’, an album of re-recorded classic material in 1995, following it up with a full US Tour.
Line-ups changed and by the release of ‘Damage 381’ on Earache the band had Was (ex. Cradle of Filth) on drums, and Barney (Napalm Death) on vocals as Phil Vane had then departed to join Napalm Death!
Line-ups changed again in 1999 and in 2001 Candlelight Records released the more metal influenced but equally face melting fast album ‘Being and Nothing’ with new guys Zac on drums and Adam Catchpole alongside Dean on Vocals & Gian Pyres (Cradle of Filth) on Lead Guitar. 
ENT then recorded their 4th session for Radio 1 and continued to tour Europe with Woody taking over lead guitar in the studio & live duties in early 2001. However the unstable line up problem surfaced again which led to Staff taking over on Bass. 
ENT has added a permanent second Guitarist Ollie from Desecration adding weight to the attack. In the early part of 2006 the band saw the return of original vocalist Phil Vane to the line up alongside Dean Jones to bring back the savage vocal duo ENT were so infamously known for when they formed. 
Yet one more twist to the line up saga in 2007 saw the departure of Zac on drums to be replaced by Welsh maniac Mic (also from Desecration).
Since that time ENT have been out around the world playing gigs & festivals including the Balkanika Core, Obscene Extreme, Puntala Rock, PetroGrind (in Russia) & tours of the USA where they were joined by the likes of Phobia on the East Coast in ’07 & by Trap Them & ADT on the West Coast in April ’08 (for which a limited split tour 7″ was released with Trap Them on Deathwish Inc. Records).
Previous to those tours a low key limited edition split record/cd was released with Driller Killer on Osmose Productions hailing the return of ENT back to their roots of grinding hardcore punk with socially & politically aware lyrics.


Dean Jones – Vocals
Phil Vane – Vocals
Woody – Lead Guitar
Ollie – Guitar
Staff – Bass
Mic – Drums