Originally founded in 2011 by François Duguest and Hugo Moerman, plus the parisian graphist designer Valnoir, Glaciation is a black metal band which deviates from traditional and overplayed streams even if it assumes its strong musical influences.

Its first release “1994” was an autoproduction limited to 500 vinyls (and 300 tapes on Canadian label “Tour de garde”) in 2012. At the early beginning, all the songs were composed by Hugo Moerman and François Duguest, joined by Jean Deflandre and Neige (as a vocal guest), all members of the band Alcest.

Right after Valnoir ran out, the band recruited Rose Hreidmarr (ex-Anorexia Nervosa, CNK) and Indria Saray (Alcest) to start composing and recording their first full lenght. A tribute to the roots of black metal – punk spirit, DIY, aggressive, transgressive and artistic. The goal was to avoid conspicuous stereotypes which slowly betrayed black metal until it becomes a pathetic carnival in the best-case scenario, and a mainstream “post-blahblah” genre in the worst-case one.

The amount of work is tremendous but after months of work, the band finally ended up with the album entitled “Sur les falaises de marbre” (Upon the marble cliffs) which is dense, with complex lyrics and with sound wanderings that may be confusing for one average listener. The band signed its first contract with the famous label Osmose Productions during the 2014 Fall.

While the tragic twilight of civilization is expected, “Sur les falaises de marbre” gave credit to its title. Now, you just need to jump.

Mastering : Xort (Drudenhaus)

Artwork : Førtifem

Guests: Bodie, Cecil G (Anorexia Nervosa), Neige (Alcest)