CALL FROM UNKNOWN DEPTHS / Demo 4 tracks 1992

IMMORTAL HORDE / E.P. 3,  1993 released on Wounded Love Records

THE LADY RIDES A BLACK HORDE / LP 11 tracks, CD 1995, Tape 1996 on East Gothic Productions, reissue CD 2010 (with bonus tracks) on Totestrieb Records, LP 2017 (limited to 300 copies) on Rex Bagude Productions

REIGN OF OBSCENITY / LP 11 tracks, CD 1996, Tape 1997 on Osiris Productions

THE JACKAL PACT / LP 11 tracks, 1998 (with enhanced CD-Rom)

THE SPECTRAL VOICES / LP 11 tracks, 2000

AT THE MEMORY OF THE PAST / Compilation Tape, 2000 on Black and Dark Mansion.

SPLIT (avec OTAL) / CD 2011 co-released by D.U.K.E. / Dernier B. / Goeatia E.

EVOKING THE ANCIENT FORCES OF GORGON / Compilation CD, 2011 on Rex Bagude Productions

THE VEIL OF DARKNESS (2019) on Osmose Productions

THE LADY RIDES A BLACK HORSE (reissue 2019 on CD, black LP, white LP & digital) on Osmose Productions

REIGN OF OBSCENITY (reissue 2019 on CD, black LP, red LP & digital) on Osmose Productions

CALL FROM UNKNOWN DEPTHS (reissue 2019 on CD & digital) on Osmose Productions

TRADITIO SATANAE (June 11th. 2021, CD, LP & DIGITAL) on Osmose Productions



Formed in 1991 in the south of France by Chris (guitar/vocal), the band, with different line-ups, played 2 gigs in 1992 with the Italians bands O.I.D. and SADIST and released its unique and classic studio 4 track demo tape CALL FROM UNKNOWN DEPTHS. The audience was baptised with blood during the first show.

In 1993, the Italian label Wounded Love Records published their 3 songs E.P. IMMORTAL HORDE, the very first E.P. for a French black metal band. The band played gigs with EXULCERATION (Sui), NO RETURN (Fra), MERCYLESS (Fra), and SAMAËL (Sui). During GORGON’s show, the latter Swiss band notices their second guitarist at this period, who will join SAMAËL later under the pseudonym of Kaos.

In 1994 they played as headliner in Italy with OPERA IX (Ita) with a full line-up and recorded their first album THE LADY RIDES A BLACK HORSE which was released in CD format in 1995. The Malaysian label East Gothic Productions released a cassette version in 1997. Another re-issue in CD format was made in 2010 by the English label Todestrieb Records with bonus tracks and new artwork. Then, in 2017, Rex Bagude Productions from Mexico released a vinyl version.

One song from this album appeared on the triple CD compilation SOMETIMES… DEATH IS BETTER PART 2, 3, 4 from the Belgian label Shiver Records in 1995 and another one on the CD compilation STRANGER THAN PARADISE from the French label Dolphins Records in 1996.

In 1996, during an open air show (with their compatriots AGRESSOR and other bands), GORGON was stopped after 17 minutes of concert due to use of blood and the reaction of the audience. In the same year, REIGN OF OBSCENITY, the second studio album was released in CD format on Dungeon. In 1997, the Slovakian label Osiris productions published a tape version. One song also appeared during the same year on ENCYCLOPEDIA PESTILENCIA, a triple black metal CD compilation from the French label Velvet Music International.

THE JACKAL PACT (1998), the third album, contained an interactive cd-rom part (including clips, photos, translation of lyrics, bio and so on), a thing rather rare for a band at this time. One song is used on ACT, a CD compilation sold with the French mag “Mundzuk Association”.

The last album was released in 2000. Called THE SPECTRAL VOICES, with a front cover created by the drummer of ANOREXIA NERVOSA, it included bagpipes on two songs. The French label Black and Dark Mansion published at the same period AT THE MEMORY OF THE PAST, a compilation tape of the band.

The band appeared also in 2000 on EXTREME ACTION, a CDr compilation from Metal Action (Fra), and in 2001 on three CDr compilations from France: BLACK CIRCLE Volume 1NON SERVIAM Volume 1 and SKELETON OF SOCIETY Volume 1 from Apocalyptic Productions. The band appeared too on more than 30 international compilation tapes from underground labels or distributors since 1992 such as Nightfall Records (Pol), Morbid Metal Records (U.S.A.), Lapide Productions (Por), Impure Creations Records (Fra)…the list continues.

GORGON played its last live show on the 30th November 2001.

In 2011, after years of silence, out came a CD compilation, EVOKING THE ANCIENT FORCES OF GORGON, on the Mexican label Rex Bagude Productions, along with a split CD with O.T.A.L. released by three French labels. The GORGON section was composed of unreleased songs, alternative mixes and cover songs.

2019 is the year of GORGON’s blackest return with the album THE VEIL OF DARKNESS, out on Osmose Productions, featuring guests such as the Italian singer Cadaveria, Hreidmarr and Jon (B.M.H.). Original member Chris is the primary instrumentalist, alongside a session drummer. CD and LP versions of the 1st and 2nd albums were also released on Osmose Productions on May 31st, except the demo, released in CD format only. All three recordings have been remastered and featured brand new artwork.

In November 2020, out came a reissue of the 3rd and 4th albums, remastered in CD A5 format with new artwork, on Non Posse Mori Records (with the help of Goetie Exhumation).

TRADITIO SATANAE, the 6th and new album on Osmose Productions will be out on June 11th.