HATE FOREST born in 1995 and split-up in 2004.

A true legend of Slavonic Black Metal, never being part of the scene, never giving interviews or making photos, the band crafted own name with their extreme individualism and estrangement.

HATE FOREST were always far from politics, religion, denied any modern world values and ideals. The band never gave interviews, never made photos and always hold the distance from the whole black metal scene.

HATE FOREST‘s music can be described as grim, cold, aggressive and straightforward black metal, mostly very fast with low, distorted vocals and dark ambient elements.

The band’s lyrics are heavily influenced by Scythian and Slavic legends, the mythology of H. P. Lovecraft, and the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche.

In 2009 Osmose Productions and HATE FOREST members  sign a deal to re-issue all the back catalog of the band. The re-issues will come under special packaging Digisleeve limited to 1000 each, with much improved booklets and carefully remastered audio version, close to original.