It is in 2001 that Pi66 (guitar/Vocals) spawns the band, with Gritsh at his side.

After a first demo delivered during winter 2001, Gritsh departs in order to give birth to PRAEDA.

In the course of 2002, Sad (drums) and Impia Fraus (bass guitar), both from the defunct CANTUS BESTIAE, rally to Pi66.

After a composition period, the obvious cannot be denied any longer, and thus, summer 2004 witnesses the ranks’ reinforcement with the arrival of two members from KATAMARZ : Icons Blasphemer (guitar) and D-Hate (vocals).

In 2005, the promo is released, christened INRI by some, with reference to the blasphemous cover (achieved by Nicolas Solieri) which epitomizes INKISITOR’s music (of which logo was drawn by Spica).

In March 2007, the French label EAL releases a 7″ (4 tracks) and a split 10″ (two tracks) in a row, the latter being shared with SVEST.

In March 2009, the band signs with Osmose Productions, thus making a clear-cut statement : ” Do not expect a clinical and disinfected record. INKISITOR is Death Metal in the pure tradition, Fast, Dark and Raw.”

Unleashing grime energy and unfailing wrath, INKISITOR has become a hefty grinding machine, crushing the audience during live performance.