2006: Acerbus (Ondskapt) and Nattdal (Dimhymn, Lifelover) spawn the idea of starting a ‘black n’ roll’ project aside of Acerbus’ band Ondskapt. Totalscorn from Zavorash, Avsky and Selin joins the line-up and the concept/name takes shape through a joint effort of this original line-up. During the summer of 2006 a first ‘s/t’ album is recorded at Studio Endarker, Norrk√∂ping, through the support of Total Holocaust Records of Southern Sweden. The album is brief and to the point, a rather straightforward materialization of the term ‘black n roll’. Reviews are fine, but the members all feel it’s just a teaser compared to the real capability of the line-up. By the time this album is released, a music video is all made and dropped in the net as a pro-bono deal.

2007: The line-up returns to Studio Endarker, recording their second album ‘Assorted Armament’. This time supported by German indie-label Sigilla Malae. During this recording session Selin leaves the line-up, basically on account of not being rehearsed enough, and Smoker is recruited for the drum-works with Hravn of Devil’s Whorehouse covering some parts of the album. ‘Assorted Armament’ becomes much more of a solid album, compared to the first release, and the band’s peculiar mixture of talents starts to color the final result more strongly. It’s no longer a question of ‘just’ black n roll, but a more advancing meddling in different direction only loosely tied together by the general standards of black metal. The album is widely acclaimed and accepted as something amongst the ‘best’ of current extreme Swedish bands, and not many months pass before a deal is inked with Candlelight Records.

2008: The band begins rehearsing seriously and recruits Talon as ‘third guitarist’ – at first thought to be a session-member, Talon gets the status of full membership for a brief while. In late May 2008 IXXI performs an underground gig at the H62-club in Stockholm, just days before returning to Studio Endarker for the recording of Elect Darkness – now under the wings of Candlelight Records. The studio-period of 2008 again causes changes to the line-up – as Talon is dropped from the line-up and Smoker quits by own volition, after both having done their part in the studio.

2009: After a pretty long wait, IXXI’s third effort Elect Darkness is finally released by Candlelight Records UK, March 16th. The band starts to rehearse for more live shows and a new drummer is requited. But internal struggles stops the band, and no live shows are planned or performed. After some months of silence Totalscorn suddenly quits the band for complete unknown reasons. Attempts to find a new singer are made, but they all fall short in comparison to Totalscorn. The band have some more rehearsals but nothing happens and the year of 2009 comes to an end.

2010: The band rehearse and tries out some new members, but problems with the line-up makes the band realise that IXXI never will be the same and the they decide to end all activities and put IXXI to the grave as of february the 17th.

2011: The band is reactivated. And goes through some hard months and both Talon and Avsky is forced to leave. Some new material is being written by Acerbus and Nattdal in co-operation with Smoker. The band recruits Core as new bassist, Stigmata (ex-Lifelover as Non) as second guitarist. The band rehears for a while, with Acerbus as vocalist but struggle within the band leads to new line-up changes, as Stigmata is forced to leave and co-founder Nattdal (Lifelover as B) decided to leave the band in the end of July. In August the band recruits Outlaw as vocalist and a session guitarist, Acerbus takes place as guitarist again and the band performes their first live show in over 3 years, together with Lifelover as co-headliner in Stockholm, Sweden, August 26, 2011. IXXI performs some more shows at a mini tour with Lifelover where Nattdal sadly past away.

2012: IXXI signs a record deal with Osmose Productions for a new album and a re-release of Assorted Armament. In autumn IXXI enter the well known Sunlight Studio to record Skulls n Dust with Tomas Skogsberg. Coreperforms his last two shows with IXXI at the Black Flames of Blasphemy and Forlorn Fest.

2013: The new album is mastered by Sverker Widegren in Necromorbus Studio. At the end of the year Skull n Dust and the re-release of Assorted Armament are released.