The band MASACRE is born in 1988 in Medellin, Colombia.  With an extreme sound, it evokes the European Death Metal of the 80s.  It emerges in a social context marked by violence and death.  These elements reflected in the music create a positive response and acceptance by the public which immediately identifies itself with the strong sound of the Colombian Death Metal band.

MASACRE starts its musical career with the demo titled “Colombia… Imperio de Terror” (Colombia… Empire of Terror), in 1989.  One year later, the band produces its second demo titled “Cancer de Nuestros Dias” (Cancer of Our Days).  Both albums retrospectively convey the band’s future and how it became part of the history of Death Metal worldwide.

In 1990, the band releases its first mini-LP titled “Ola de Violencia” (Wave of Violence), with which it consolidates its sound and commits itself to an audience captivated by MASACRE’s darkness and terror.  With the French label Osmose Productions they release their first CD titled “Requiem” (Requiem) in the year 1991.  With this work, MASACRE positions itself as one of most highly recognized Death Metal bands in the world.  The band begins touring internationally in countries like Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela where it finds a large number of followers.  Various national and international publications recognize MASACRE’s work, granting it an important place in Death Metal.

In 1992, the same record label that produced the band’s first CD edits a Split CD of MASACRE along with the American band Profanatica.  The work includes tracks from the Mini-LP “Ola de Violencia” (Wave of Violence) and two live bonus tracks.  On the other hand, the Dutch record label Cyber Music Productions releases a compilation of the best Death Metal bands, where the Colombian band’s song “Mórbida Implosión” (Morbid Implosion) is featured.

In the year 1993, the band records the Mini-LP “Barbarie y Sangre en Memoria de Cristo” (Barbarism and Blood in the Memory of Christ) with the independent label Morbida Prductions.  This work is comprised of four hatred-laden, violence-ridden songs; characteristic elements in MASACRE’s music.

In 1995 they record the CD “Sacro” (Sacred), produced by the label Lorito Records of Medellin, Colombia.  With this album, the band acquires great recognition in the local and international music scene.  The CD is distributed through important record labels in several countries in Europe, receiving acceptance by the critics.

MASACRE tours extensively throughout national territory and Latin America.  The band revisits Venezuela twice to perform alongside important local bands in three cities.  In Ecuador’s capital, it makes an important appearance as the main band of the event.

During 1999, MASACRE records three tracks as a precursor to their next CD.  In the month of July, it participates with a live track for the Argentinean label Hurling Metal Records, next to important Argentinean bands of the genre.  Also, it appears in a compilation with the song “Camino al Calvario” (The Road to the Calvary) from its work “Barbarie y Sangre en Memoria de Cristo” (Barbarism and Blood in the Memory of Christ), next to other renown Colombian underground bands for the label Tribulacion Records.

In the year 2000, MASACRE signs with a new Colombian record label; Decade Records.  In March of that year, the album “Muerte Verdadera Muerte” (Death Truly Death) is edited.  The album comprises ten tracks, including a cover of the song “Strutter” by Kiss.  From this album, the song “Espinas” (Thorns) is used by the magazine Sacrilegio for its compilation CD.

The label Hurling Records buys the rights to press the band’s new CD, “Muerte Verdadera Muerte”, in Argentina.  This version of the album contains two live bonus tracks and a CD-ROM.

In 2001, MASACRE begins its “Death Truly” tour to promote its “Muerte Verdadera Muerte” CD.  This turns out to be the band’s most successful album due to the immense acceptance by the public.  The tour included countries like Venezuela, Ecuador and several cities of Colombia.  During the tour, MASACRE offers its audiences the best of its musical repertoire and energy, demonstrating true musical evolution.  The tour lasted all 2002, serving also as space to compose its next work.

In the year 2003, during the month of April, the band records the CD “Total Death”, a nine songs production which are honest representations of MASACRE’s aggressiveness, strength and technical prowess.

2004 sees the release of “Total Death” onto the market.  This was produced, mixed and mastered by Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, ex-Morbid Angel) at Mana Recording Studios in Tampa, Florida.  MASACRE’s fans consider this album to be the band’s best work in all its history.

The promotional tour named homonymously “Muerte Total” (Total Death), turned out to be the longest tour to date.  It included numerous shows in Colombia, one in El Salvador, two in Venezuela, one in Ecuador, three in Peru, two in Bolivia, four in Argentina and four in Chile.  The success of the tour was product of the band’s respect towards its fan base, loyalty to Death Metal and the public’s unconditional support.

For 2005, MASACRE re-edits its album “Total Death” with the Spanish label Xtreemmusic and sets out on a tour consisting of thirteen shows in Spain.  The band performed in festivals like “Lorca Rock”, an important Rock festival in Europe, alongside bands such as Exodus, Anvil, Whitesnake, Twisted Sister and Queensryche.  After culminating their tour in Spain, MASACRE is invited to open for Slayer in Colombia.

This same year MASACRE launches a re-edition of their “Total Death” in vinyl format under the label Monster Nation, adding to their repertoire of re-editions in various formats being marketed in countries like The Czech Republic, Spain, Argentina and Colombia giving the band a high status within the Death Metal music scene.

In the year 2008, MASACRE celebrates its 20th anniversary in Colombia’s biggest rock festival: “Rock al Parque”.  This is the third time the band performs in this annual event.  The band takes this opportunity to commemorate its 20-year musical endeavor by making a DVD titled “20 Years of Death”, which included a documentary and clips from their South American tour.  This DVD was edited by the Brazilian label Kill Again.

2009 brings with it the re-edition of MASACRE’s album “Sacro” (Sacred) by the Japanese label Obliteration Records.  This label also re-edits the demos: “Colombia… Imperio del Terror” (Colombia… Empire of Terror) and “Cancer de Nuestros Días” (Cancer of Our Days).  Four-thousand copies of these are pressed and they open the market for MASACRE in Asia.  Several publications also feature MASACRE as an important South American metal band.

MASACRE is invited to perform in the “Altavoz” festival in Medellin as the opening band for the international guests Exodus and Kreator.  They also take part in other national festivals like: “Manizales Grita Rock”, “Ibague Ciudad Rock”, “Convivencia Rock” and “Cruzada del Fuego”.

For 2010, MASACRE is summoned to the important “Cosquin Rock” festival in Argentina to share the stage with the most highly regarded bands of this country as well as with Brazilian band Sepultura.  The band also goes on tour throughout Venezuela with the Brazilian band Krisiun.

In 2011, the band tours through Central America in countries like El Salvador and Guatemala, thus conquering new ground and strengthening their musical career in this part of the continent.

In 2012, MASACRE embarks on a grand tour with two performances in Venezuela, two in Peru and eight in Mexico.  In Mexico, the band records three songs in a studio.  These songs were originally from their album “Requiem”, but redone with the new lineup and planned to be included in their 7th EP, edited by the label Non Serviam Records.  Another label, American Line Productions (USA), also re-edits their first works and release a deluxe vinyl edition of their first demo.  Only three-hundred copies of this deluxe edition are launched onto the market.  The albums “Ola de Violencia” (Wave of Violence), and “Barbarie y Sangre en Memoria de Cristo” (Barbarism and Blood in the Memory of Christ) are also re-edited by the U.S. label Nuclear War Now.  This label re-releases the band’s demos in CD format after acquiring the rights from Obliteration Records in Japan, which had launched 4,000 copies of these demos in the past.

This year also sees the release of a tribute album by two American labels: Cinismo and Demonium collaboratively.  The tribute is consists of 13 Colombian metal bands paying homage to MASACRE.

The band is also invited as the main performer in the biggest rock festival in the Caribbean coast, the “Miche Festival 2012”.

MASACRE is currently completing the composition phase of its new studio album.  This is to be their 7th work which will start to be recorded in 2013.

After 25 years, MASACRE is the most solid Colombian metal band, renowned as such within its country and internationally.  It has been years of constant work, numerous tours, performances alongside great metal bands from all over the world, participations in important music festivals, feature publications in different countries and musical tributes.  Without a doubt, MASACRE is a world-class Death Metal band.


MASACRE Band Photo
masacre band photo
masacre band photo
masacre band photo



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