Nattverd was initially started in the 90`s, but due to reasons Beyond Control, was delayed upuntil 2014. A few tracks where written in this period by Ormr and Atyr, and released on the debut album “Vi vet gud Er En Løgner” released in 2017 through Darker Than Black Records. On this album Ormr and Atyr recruited Serpentr on drums.

In 2018 they recorded the EP “Skuggen”, which features a alternative Version of the track “Gatelangs I Land Og Rike”, With drummer Skjolden (ex-Fester) that will appear on the bands upcoming and 2nd full length album to be released late 2019.  On the sophomore album the band recruited Anti Christian (Tsjuder) to do the drums, and Sveinr on bass. The band now has a line-up for the live stage.



Ormr – Vocals, Guitars

Serpentr – Vocals, Drums

Atyr – Guitars

Sveinr – Bass


VI VET GUD ER EN LØGNER, Darker Than Black Records

SKUGGEN EP, Darker Than Black Records

STYGGDOM, out on Osmose Productions, January 31st 2020