NECROM is a result of admiration for the phenomenon of old school death metal kept through the years by individuals who represent the glory of Ukrainian metal underground.

After the formation in 2018 the band released short demo entitled “The Light Has Never Been Here” in 2019 with the line-up of Visions at Radiant Galactic Gates of Torturous Harmonies (NOKTURNAL MORTUM) and Apocalyptic Riders’ Trumpets Hailing Undead Resurrection (MUTANTER) on guitars, Impure Zealot Vandals Encircling Ravaged Gethsemane (BURSHTYN, DUB BUK) on bass, Kadavers’ Heroic Army of Triumphing Hades (KHORS) behind the drum kit and Roar of Madness and Necromancy (DRUDKH, HATE FOREST) doing vocals. Of course such beginning launched some serious expectations regarding the debut full-length of the band.

So with the spring of 2022 finally comes the album under the name of “All Paths Are Left Here…”. Some line-up changes took place – this time the duo of the band’s guitarists is joined by Ancient Starlit Tombs and Raging Ghoulish Hordes (ELDERBLOOD) handling bass and vocals with the support from two talented session drummers. Ten songs and 45 minutes of “All Paths Are Left Here…” will show you what death metal should be.