NECROMUTILATOR started in late 2009 as a two-piece with +P+ behind drums and +L+ on guitars and vocals with the intention of spitting out a kind of black/thrash by the endless inspiration of early Bathory, Sodom and Venom. A change of roles brought the band into a trio in 2010 with +P+ turning on guitar/vocals, +L+ turning on bass and +R+ as new drummer.
First live gig on February 19th 2011. “The Devil Arisen” demo recorded and released on cd-r in April 2011, later released twice on tape. Change of bass player with +E+ joining the horde in summer 2012. First album “Eucharistic Mutilations” released in october 2014 by Terror From Hell Records who also spread “Ripping Blasphemy” MLP in april 2017 and second album “Black Blood Aggression” on cd in march 2019.  
Shared the stage during the years, among others, with the mighty Morbid Saint, Nifelheim, Vulcano, Possessed, Profanatica.
NECROMUTILATOR execute with skullcrushing Devil Metal and worship Satan as the supreme adversary and avenger of all in wrathful chaos and fire.


P – devil’s chainsaws and hell vomits.
R – hammer beating hellfire.
E – pulsating vibes of annihilation.