Vinyl version of album “Kolovorot” released by Osmose Productions.


Recorded Bathory cover song “Valhalla” and released by Godreah Records as tribute album.
“The Voice of Steel” vinyl version released by Osmose Productions. Also released first official DVD video “Kolovorot” recorded live at cult pagan fest Kolovorot XII. Released by Oriana Music and Musical-hall Distribution.


February, 12 Vrolok leaves the band.
Astargh leaves band in November.
New guitarist Aywar joined band in December.
Oriana Music and Musical Hall Distribution released first live album “Kolovorot”.


May, 15 NOKTURNAL MORTUM played at Pagan Fest II ( Kiev, Ukraina ) as headliner with Khors, Natural Spirit, Djur and Volot

May, 15 NOKTURNAL MORTUM plays Pagan Fest II in Kiev …

June, 11 NOKTURNAL MORTUM plays in Minsk, Belorussia …

June, 12 NOKTURNAL MORTUM plays KilKim Zaibu Fest in Lithuania …

October,3 NOKTURNAL MORTUM plays Rock Sich festival in Kiev …

October, 22 NOKTURNAL MORTUM goes on European tour, including Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia and Finland…

December, 25 NOKTURNAL MORTUM plays Kolovorot XII festival in Kharkiv, Ukraina with ULVEGR, DUB BUK, REUSMARKT, KHORS and recording live gig for future DVD


February — first official video «Live In Katowice» is released by No Colours Records (Germany) as DVD, DVD+audio CD and digi DVD

April — Odalv left the group and Bairoth replaces him as drummer

May — “Lunar Poetry” is released in A5 digi CD format by No Colours Records (Germany)

December, 26 — «The Voice of Steel» is released in CD by Oriana Music (Ukraina)
NOKTURNAL MORTUM plays Kolovorot XI festival in Kharkiv, Ukraina with DJUR, DUB BUK, REUSMARKT, KHORS


December, 19 – NOKTURNAL MORTUM plays Kolovorot X festival in Kharkiv, Ukraina with TEMNOZOR, DUB BUK, REUSMARKT, SVARGA, KRODA, MOLOTH, VELIMOR


Alzeth leaves NOKTURNAL MORTUM and Astargh replaces him as guitarist

December, 22 — NOKTURNAL MORTUM plays Kolovorot IX festival in Kharkiv, Ukraina with TEMNOZOR, REUSMARKT, KRODA


 June — «Night Before the Fight» song is included in «THE DARK PSYCHE: An Aural Exhibition of Black Metal from Top Scholars in the Genre» compilation released by The End Records (USA)

Cover version of GRAVELAND’s “Thurisaz” is included in «Chronicles Of Tyranny & Blood [tribute To Graveland]» released by Totenkopf Propaganda Records (Greece)


No Colours Records (Germany) signs NOKTURNAL MORTUM

“Weltanschauung” is released in CD, A5 digi CD and 3-Gatefold LP formats by No Colours Records (Germany) and “Mirovozzrenie” – in MC and CD format by Oriana Music (Ukraina)

3 gatefold LPs (“Lunar Poetry”, “To the gates of Blasphemous Fire” and “Goat Horns”) is released with No Colours Records (Germany) supporting


“Eleven Years among the sheep” is released by Unholy Records (USA). It’s compilation dedicated to the 11th anniversary of NOKTURNAL MORTUM’s activity (incl. proto-NOKTURNAL MORTUM bands such as SUPPORATION and CRYSTALLINE DARKNESS)

“The Taste of Victory” MC & CD, “Return of the Vampire Lord” CD and “Twilightfall” CD are released by Oriana Music (Ukraina)

“Nechrist” CD, “To the Gates of Blasphemous Fire” CD, “Goat Horns” CD and “Lunar Poetry” CD are re-released by Oriana Music (Ukraina)

June,6 – “Nechrist” double LP is released by Ledo Takas Records (Lithuania)


December — Munruthel left NOKTURNAL MORTUM.

April — Odalv joins NOKTURNAL MORTUM as drummer


Spring – start with «Mirovozzrenie / Weltanschauung» recording

July – Xaarquath leaves NOKTURNAL MORTUM and Vrolok replace him with bass

Alzeth joins NOKTURNAL MORTUM as guitarist

Cover version of BURZUM’s“ My Journey to the Stars” is included in «Visions: A Tribute to Burzum» compilation released by Unholy records (USA)


«Return Of The Vampire Lord / Marble Moon» is released in MC format by Oriana Production (Ukraina)

NOKTURNAL MORTUM members worked with their own projects: MISTIGO VARGGOTH DARKESTRA – Knjaz Varggoth, MUNRUTHEL (first name – SILENTIUM) – Munruthel and FINIST – Saturious and Munruthel. Also Knjaz Varggoth, Munruthel and Saturious are members of the Polish band PIORUN

three songs are recorded: “Thurisaz” (cover version of GRAVELAND’s song), “ My Journey to the Stars” of BURZUM and “As The Steel Eagle Into Golden Svarga”


Spring — Munruthel is fired from NOKTURNAL MORTUM and Saturious leaves NOKTURNAL MORTUM too in support of Munruthel

July, 4 — «Nechrist» CD is released by The End Records (USA) and by Last Episode (Germany) for Europe

Vrolok (a member of RUNES OF DIANCEHT) joins NOKTURNAL MORTUM as a new guitarist

Istukan (DUB BUK) and afterwards Khaoth (KHORS/ ASTROFAES / TESSARACT) is auditioned for drummer place but their style of play not approached for NOKTURNAL MORTUM. Nevertheless band appreciate for their help in hard time

Fall — Munruthel asks about returning in NOKTURNAL MORTUM and get one more chance

Saturious returns to NOKTURNAL MORTUM


January – Karpath is fired from NOKTURNAL MORTUM

March, 1 – «To The Gates Of Blasphemous Fire» is released on CD by The End Records (USA) and for Europe – by Nuclear Blast (Germany)

May, 9 – NOKTURNAL MORTUM records next album entitled «Nechrist»

September – «Perun’s Celestial Silver» song is included in «White:Nightmares In The End» compilation released by The End Records (USA)

Fall – «Nechrist» and «Lunar Poetry» is releasing in MC format by Oriana Production (Ukraina)


January, 25 – The End Records (USA) signs NOKTURNAL MORTUM

«Unholy Orathania» song is included in «…Until The End of Time » compilation released by The End Records (USA)

March, 31 – «Goat Horns» is released on CD by The End Records (USA) and Nuclear Blast (Germany) for European distribution

«Vetche» is released on MC by Oriana Production (Ukraina)

«Goat Horns» and «To The Gates Of Blasphemous Fire» is released in MC format by Oriana Production (Ukraina)

December – NOKTURNAL MORTUM plays Kolovorot I festival in Kharkiv


«Goat Horns» album is released on MC by MetalAgen Records

«Return Of The Vampire Lord» album which includes «Return Of The Vampire Lord» song and two songs of CRYSTALINE DARKNESS («Mi Agama Khaz Mifisto» and «Crystaline Darkness») is released by MetalAgen Records as a split MC with LUCIFUGUM «Path Of Wolf»

April, 30 – NOKTURNAL MORTUM plays Deathrider IV festival in Moscow feat. END ZONE, GORESLEEPS, GODS TOWER, MENTAL HOME

«To The Gates Of Blasphemous Fire» album and «Marble Moon» EP are recorded at Beat Studio (Kharkiv, Ukraina)

«Lastivka» song is included in «Unto A Long Glory…» compilation released by Beverina Productions


«Lunar Poetry» album is recorded at St. Maybe Soundfactory studio (Kharkiv, Ukraina)

April, 22 – NOKTURNAL MORTUM plays Deathrider III festival in Moscow

Spring – «Lunar Poetry» is released on MC by MetalAgen Records (Russia)

Wortherax leaves NOKTURNAL MORTUM

CRYSTALINE DARKNESS dies and Karpath joins NOKTURNAL MORTUM as guitarist

Saturious leaves RENEWAL and joins NOKTURNAL MORTUM as second keyboardist

Summer – «Goat Horns» is recorded at Knjaz Varggoth’s home

NOKTURNAL MORTUM and LUCIFUGUM record a joint album entitled «Vetche»

November, 22 – NOKTURNAL MORTUM plays Rarog Fire festival

December – «Return Of The Vampire Lord» song is recorded


Band name changes to NOKTURNAL MORTUM (now with «K») for absolute name originality

«Twilightfall» is re-recorded at St. Maybe Soundfactory studio


Knjaz Varggoth and Munruthel leave CRYSTALINE DARKNESS and form NOCTURNAL MORTUM (with «C» in the first word) with all SUPPURATION’s members

Knjaz Varggoth becomes again NOCTURNAL MORTUM’s singer and Sataroth turns to keyboardist

NOCTURNAL MORTUM works in St. Maybe Soundfactory studio with «Twilightfall» but original recording was accidentally destroyed


«Unspeakable Journey Into Subsconscious World» is recorded at St. Maybe Soundfactory studio (Kharkiv, Ukraina).

April – Edward Pichugin leaves SUPPURATION.

April – Wortherax leaves SCARECROW and joins SUPPURATION as guitarist.

May – «Cosmic Flight Around Astralspher» is recorded at TEF studio (Moscow, Russia) and supposed to be out as 7» EP on The Final Holocaust Records (Russia).

«Cosmic Flight Around Astralspher» releasing is canceled because of The Final Holocaust Records collaps.

Summer – SUPPURATION dies.

Fall – Knjaz Varggoth – vocals / guitar, Karpath – guitar and Munruthel – drums form CRYSTALINE DARKNESS.

«Mi Agama Khaz Mifisto» is recorded.

CRYSTALINE DARKNESS negotiates with View Beyond Records (without result.


«Ecclesiastical Blasphemy» is recorded at St. Maybe Soundfactory studio (Kharkiv, Ukraina).

«Ecclesiastical is distributed by Shiver Records (Belgium). So SUPPURATION is one from first ex-USSR underground metal bands distributed outside homeland.
April – Edward Pichugin joins SUPPURATION as guitarist.

Sataroth leaves SMILE OF DEATH and joins SUPPURATION as lead vocalist and Knjaz Varggoth becoms guitarist only.


December – Knjaz Varggoth leaves LEPROSY.

December, 31 – Knjaz Varggoth (vocals / guitar), Munruthel (drums) and Xaarquath (bass) form SUPPURATION.