Born in 1995 Odem Arcarum was raised under the banner of traditional black metal. After some irrelevant line-up changes Ar and C.A. recorded a first demo and a self released EP in 2000 called “awaiting the horizon of chaos”. 
After 3 years of hard times Odem Arcarum stroke back in 2003 with the self released full length ?bloody traces in the virgin snow? . Opened for more spacious influences it shows the band in a matured way. Several acoustic parts and a harsh sound made this album quite interesting for the underground. 
After further line-up changes with session musicians Skoarth and Zahak joined in 2003/2004. Songwriting once again was driven to new layers. Odem Arcarum returned in 2009 to sign with Osmose Productions. The new album “outrageous reverie above the erosion of barren earth” is a trip to the origin of existance itself, a journey to the innermost impulse of self mastery and elevation. 







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Website: www.odem-arcarum.de 

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