Ondskapt was created in Stockholm, Sweden by Nabemih & Acerbus 2000.

“When this child of death and perversion was founded, no specific genres were in mind, merely devilry was our pole state when producing the very first words and tunes” as stated a long time ago. Our first piece of music can out as a 10 inch vinyl and since then Ondskapt has released three full length albums. Throughout the years Ondskapt has also performed its music live.



2001/2018 – Slave under his immortal will – EP 10”&12″ / CD

2003 – Draco Sit Mihi Dux – Full Length CD/LP

2005 – Dödens Evangelium – Full Length CD/LP

2010 – Arisen from the Ashes – Full Length CD/LP



Acerbus – Vocals
Gefandi Ör Andlät – Pulse
Draugr– Guitar
Daemonum Subeunt – Drums
Nabemih – Arrangements