Patronymicon was started in 2008 by N.sadist as a one man band to without boundaries or compromises make black metal in his desired way. After some time N.Sadist entered the studio to record the first demo known as ‘Coldborn’
He took help from K.C and as the recording proceeded K.C got deeper involved and it was decided that he took the role as a member of Patronymicon.In the end of 2010 Patronymicon got a record deal from the Mexican label Blackcrowned Records. N.Sadist recruitied J. Megiddo and Kvist to the band and the recording of the debut album ‘Prime Omega’ started and was released in the Fall of 2011.

After that Patronymicon did a few shows and also got in contact with Carnal Records which later got into a deal for the second opus ‘All Daggers Towards The Sky’ During the process of writing the album Kvist had to quit the band due to personal reasons. Megiddo also decided to leave due to other commitments. P.Locost was called in to replace Kvist on the drums and N.Sadist took the string section and vocals on the recording.
A couple of live shows was performed and N.Sadist used C.K and J. Malice as session musicians during the shows. When the recording was done and sent to the pressing plant N.Sadist sat down and had some discussions with H.Sulphur regarding Patronymicon and the course of the band. During these talks H.Sulphur agreed to join Patronymicon as it’s draconian voice and at the same time J.Malice became a permanent member. 
‘All Daggers Towards The Sky’ was released in may 2013 and Patronymicon has since then done some shows with the new line up and started the work for future curses.

We hunger to broaden our horizons and our path is clear. With Black Metal as our meen of communication we shall journey on in this cesspool of creation known as the Earth!

– By her hand, through his flames, towards death and beyond.
/ Patronymicon




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