Canadian extremist black metal band Revenge was formed in 2000 by J.Read after the demise of his previous band Conqueror. During the bands long history Revenge has released four full length albums on Osmose Productions and has had multiple eps unleashed upon the masses through various other labels. Utilizing its long time relationship with labels like Osmose Productions and Nuclear War Now! Productions to hammer down its position Revenge has become one of the most prevalent bands to ever emerge from the Canadian Black Metal underground.
Avoiding the usual methods of self promotion like interviews and social media to spread its chaos the bands founder,drummer and song writer J.Read has instead used militant imagery and a self as god man as wolf ideology along side a confrontational chaotic live show to build a large die hard following worldwide amongst the fringe elements of the Black Metal, Death Metal, and Noise scenes.  
Due to the extremely abrasive nature of the bands music and the constant themes of Self Ascension,Doom,Desolation, and the rejection of all organized religion and humanity that appear in the bands lyrics, REVENGE has been called “incomprehensible non musical chaos” by some and “total genius” by others. 
These polarizing views about REVENGE have been a never ending occurrence during most of the band’s existence and it doesn’t look like things will change any time soon. The band refuses to betray its original intent and continues to maintain a lone wolf doctrine,turning its back on any pre existing dogmas or rules adopted by the weak frail scared music scene that exists today. 
Existing strictly on their own terms as they have from day one REVENGE forges ahead with full force, looking down with disdain on all who question their approach of total hatred towards the swine known as mankind.  


J.Read / music / lyrics / drums vocals
Vermin / session guitar / live vocals
H.T. / Session bass / live vocals