In 1985 Dave Slave met a crazy character named Rokk at an Iron maiden show at the the Sydney hordern pavillion. Dave noticed Rokk as he was covered in blood and wearing a butchers apron and spitting at people. Anyhow 2 crazies are better than 1 so they decided to keep in contact as they both had visions of creating the most extreme/Darkest Deadliest speed metal ever !

1986 Dave and Rokk venture to Melbourne to find the right people for the job of playing Fukking Fast! Anyhow after posting up a flier in a shop called pipe imported records (operated  by Modern Invasion records) they come in contact with a bloke called Kriss (who was later named… Reverend Kriss Hades by Dave Slave) who was persistent to show the boys how fast he could play’ anyhow Dave was impressed by the blokes efforts and considered him a band member but wasn’t sure if Kriss was that interested and ready at the time. Anyhow not long after Dave gets a call from an old friend Sandy who teamed up with Dave’s cousin “Sloth” who was an extremely good drummer.  Sandy mentioned he was looking for a vocalist and bassist ??? So Dave and Rokk decided to move to Sydney and the first Sadistik Exekution line-up was born! After spending months on rehearsing by mid 1987 the 1st album….the Magus was captured ! Due to extreme difficulty of getting a company to release the monster and other pressures Sandy had left the band and was replaced by first Potential axe man Kriss Hades, while Dave and Rokk patiently waited till 1990 when the Magus was snapped up by Vampire records, in 1991 Sadistik exekution played their first show at a nightclub called Mars and many but few shows followed till 1994 when sloth left the band and was replaced by…the Mechanic (Steve Hoban) who recorded on 1 track that ended up on the 94 Osmose Productions release…We are Death Fukk You! which also contained scraps of recordings the band done in the Sloth Days 86-94). Anyhow in 1995 the band go on a european tour that shokked many! There was too much yelling and screaming going on as the crowds went mental! This time the drums were  played by Matt Skitz who was the drummer from Melbourne legends….Damaged. Anyhow after the tour sloth ended up in the band of kaos again and the next Osmose 1996 release titled…”Kaos” was spat out!

This is the most extreme album ever in the history of mankind, it makes previous Sad-ex sound sooky, it was such a big movement in the world of extreme hardcore deadly Metal that the band continued to make 2 more albums with similar nature (FUKK & FUKK2) which were also released by Osmose in 2000 & 2004 when the band of Madmen called it quits!

Despise a non existent Exekution the boys done a one off reunion show at the Australian metal awards which was held at Fox studios november 2009 which blew minds away!