The band saw the light from the pits of toxic hell in 2009 in Rome, from the deviated minds of Cris Pervertor and Barren.

SATANIKA sounds as tight as fuck without ever loosing their infernal drive. Aggressive, morbid and headbangin music for old and modern ears…they celebrate chaos, with razorsharps-like guitar sound, and hypnotic and destructive drums they doom you to eternal depravation, inspired by the cursed power of death metal acts like Morbid Angel and Necrophobic, the speed of thrash metal and the blasphemous and noxious black metal madness.

In november 2009 they meet Desaster in Rome for celebrating their 20th anniversary, and from that moment Tormentor joined the band as a special guest behind drums helping Satanika expecially with their first EP titled “Atomic Curse”, a self produced EP containing the chaos that was expected to come for the 1st full lenght album “Satanikattack”, released in the year 2011 by Austral Holocaust Productions.

Soon after the release of Satanikattack ,the band found a deal with the german based label Iron Shield Records who released the debut album on vinyl and some line up changes happened… In the year 2012, the band released their second full lenght album called ‘Infection’ through Iron Shield; this album was something very important for the band cause there you can find many important guests like Bobby Gustafson ex Overkill, Sataniac from Desaster, Vgandr from Helheim and Taake, MattHarvey from Dekapitator, Stephan from Thanatos, SA Destroyer from Nocturnal Breed…

After the release of a7″ vinyl titled Inquisitor, in may 2013 by the belgian label Empire Records, the 3rd full lenght album “Nightmare” in 2013 was a total blast…as always many friends contributed as special guests…Sataniac, Oscar from RAM, Martin Missy from cult german band Protector, Eric Daniels ex Asphyx, are just few names that made their songs pure anthems on this album.

September 2014: in the studio again to record “TOTAL INFERNO”, their evil manifesto to celebrate their deal with cult label Osmose Productions… expect total darkness and wickedness ….cause it’s time to unleash the ripping evil!!!





Atomic Curse EP 2010

Brain Damage EP 2010

Mutilator EP 2010

Re-animate the 80’s EP 2010

The Plague of Thrash Compilation 2010

Satanikattack Full-length 2011

Metal Possession Compilation 2011

Infection full lenght 2012

Sadistic perversions split album 2012

Inquisitor Ep 2013

Nightmare Full lenght 2014