Sickrites is the band formed in Russia in 2009 by Horth, Morkh & A. They found inspiration in old cults such as Beherit, Demigod, old Samael, Master’s Hammer, Blasphemy, Mysticum, Mythos, Nocturnus, Belial, Abhorrence etc. The result was a blasphemous alloy of old school black/ death metal with rancid flavour of synths, which band uses not for making the friendly-to-listener music but for adding the sepulchral atmosphere to songs. Sickrites released a tape titled «Praise The Dawn Of Desecration» in 2010 on Japanese Deathrash Armageddon Records.

After joining drummer Kim to the band two vinyl splits were released in 2012: first one with Canadian butchers Nuclearhammer via French label Chalice Of Blood Angel, and second one with Ill Omened via Russian label Arma Diaboli. The debut full-length LP. The debut full-lenght LP «Irreverent Death Megaliths» was out via new French label Cryptic Visions Arts in 2013 . Sickrites band members never met live and never had rehearsals together.



Horth – bass/synths
Morkh – vocal
Kim – drums