Sorcier Des Glaces was formed in 1997 as a duo, by Sébastien Robitaille & Luc Gaulin.

Meaning “Ice Wizard” in english, the concept paints a dark universe of vast, ancient northern landcapes, where the last remaining humans are tracked by unholy forces. Sorcier Des Glaces is a sombre, misanthropic and lonely
character that haunts and fights that eternal war against Mankind.

The duo released its first album, Snowland, in 1998 as a CDR only distributed by the band. In 1999, the band enters the studio again to record the follow-up, “Moonrise in Total Darkness”. At the time, S. Robitaille & L. Gaulin were
very active in their main band called Moonlyght. SDG was more considered a side project back then. As Moonlyght was about to enter studio to record their debut album and play many gigs, Sorcier Des Glaces, who were still unsigned on a label at that time, was put on hold for a long time. In 2006, Mankind’s Demise Records showed interest in releasing “Moonrise in Total Darkness”, seven years after it was recorded. It kind of resurrected SDG, so S. Robitaille started to work on another album in 2009/2010. With a newly acquired home studio in 2010, it was easier for the duo to record on their own, and motivation was back for Sorcier Des Glaces. The result was called “The Puressence of Primitive Forests”, a brand new album by the band after more than 10 years after the last one recorded! Mankind’s Demise also released the third chapter of Sorcier Des Glaces. That album showed a very strong influence of old school black metal from the second  wave, and marked the end of using keyboards in SDG’s sound. The band is using now many guitar layers to create the atmosphere. S. Robitaille composed & partly recorded no less than the two next Sorcier Des Glaces albums in 2010/2011 but also the complete re-recording of Snowland, baptized “Snowland MMXII”. That particular album was the last one released on Mankind’s Demise Records, as the next two albums “Ritual of the End” (2014), and “North” (2016) were released on Obscure Abhorrence Productions. The first contact with OAP was made via the split album with Monarque that was released in 2012. Came also that very active year “Monuments Anciens”, a collection of old demo songs only released on cassette via Les Productions Hérétiques. Many songs were recorded during the “North” album, some leftovers appeared on the split album with French black metal band Ende, called “Le Puits des Morts”. 2018 sees the release of a very monolithic album consisted of a unique 50 min. self-titled song “Sorcier Des Glaces”. That album showed a very atmospheric side of the band, telling the story of the rebellious spirit of Sorcier Des Glaces.
SDG comes back again in 2020 with its 8th studio album released in October, called “Un Monde de Glace et de Sang”. The band presents powerful material that includes elements of all albums since its creation.
The duo mastered their own musical style throughout the years that they call Cold Primitive Metal. In early 2021, an EP called “Ghastly Memories” follow the latest album and include two exclusive songs and two cover songs.

To be continued…









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