The Sarcophagus Is The Fusion Of The Ancient Beliefs, Elder Desires Of Humans To Immortality, Occult That Intrigues & Triggers Fear Towards The Gnosis And The Dark Mysteries Of Realms.

Towards The Eternal Chaos Is The Embodiment Of All In Mutable Temple Of The Mutable Soul. The Eldest Wrath Of The Chaos Gods Is The Core Element That Carries 10 Times The Impulse To Humans From The Labyrinths Of Chaos! The Variations Reveal The Invisible Misery To Hail The Awakening Of The Souls To New, Allpossible Dimensions.The Sarcophagus Follows The Hidden Potential In The Creation Of Chaos-Mos And Men, “Ab Intra”.

The Journey Began In 1997 With A Demo “Pagan Storm” And Continued By A Self Release Of Six Tracks “Infernal Hordes Of The Ancient Times” In The Year Of 2000.

A 7″ E.P Already Released By Osmose Productions In 2009 “Hate Cult” And The Progress Of The Transformation Continued. Three Underground Musicians From Turkey And Niklas Kvarforth From The Legendary Band Shining Recorded The Debut Album “Towards The Eternal Chaos” In 2008 & 2009.