The band was found to create truly melancholic and desperate soundscapes and to unravel the blackened

thoughts, the blessing and the curse of the inability to think either black or white nor inbetween. To narrate

about the ability to find clarity in madness positivity in the negativity shelter in the dark…

To point it out clear! The band is dedicated to the searching, not to the self-pity. Totalselfhatred is a

symbol for ressurrection through pain. A pool for the frustrated for the despereate in life, for those living and

bleeding towards a higher truth, to crush the circles of self-inflicted suffering! For I am my worst enemy…



A. – guitars, keyboards, vocals

I. – drums, vocals

J. – guitars, vocals

N. – bass




1. Solitude MMXIII (09:20)

2. Cold Numbness (08:07)

3. Hollow (08:31)

4. Black Infinity (08:05)

5. Nyctophilia (08:15)

Perseverance through adversity, creation through destruction, strength through pain. After years of waiting, skulking and lying near-dormant, Totalselfhatred has returned to the fray. We are here to present you five songs of our own particular brand of melancholic desolation in an audial form. Turn off the lights, wallow in the sweetness of reclusive negativity and let yourself float freely in the soothing stream of emotion that our epitome of Solitude will provide.


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