EMPTY Message!

“After the triumphant wingbeat of the raven in our latest performances; in Move Your Fucking Brain and Western Plagues Tour 2016, which took us to close these 2 years of promotion in the stages of our album Etica Profana Negativa.

So, we announce that we won´t come back to the stage until spring of the next year and with our deepest regret it won´t be with the same line-up that made us to grow so much.

Vanth, one of our first members and our brother leaves the band due to personal issues, being the next album, his last collaboration where we´ll share the act of black faith called Empty.

So, goodbye my friend!
This world has suddenly lost all the radiance!

It´s the moment to announce that we will go back to our crypt, which is our dwelling in order to record our new album during winter of 2016 and waiting that the winter solstice bring the most desolating and fatal album in the bands history which will be called nothing but “Empty”!

This album will be a 3rd person concept work, strongly influenced by the book “La lluvia amarilla”(The yellow rain) by Spanish writer Julio Llamazares, who narrates the cruel and forgotten life of the last inhabitants of the abandoned towns of the Aragonian Pyrenees; and how the oblivion makes that death itself is less painful that the life. All this mixed with the influence of the work of German philosopher Phillip Mailander and his ontophobia concept…

The album will be recorded between Moontower studios, B2V Studios and Zulo productions., and again it will be released by prestigious label OSMOSE PROD.

Wait nothing but black funerary letanies of agonizing desolation.

“We felt sick, frozen to death, frozen….

And black silence, nothingness became Universe”

Empty Horde”


Source : EMPTY Facebook page