FUKKRISTMAS – Free Sampler 2020

Here is our fukkin’ gift for you!

  1. ENEPSIGOS from Wrath of Wraths – Seventh Seal
  2. WINTER DELUGE from Degradation Renewal – What We Leave Behind
  3. HATE FOREST from Hour Of The Centaur – No Stronghold Can Withstand This Malice
  4. GLACIATION from Ultime Eclat – Et Puis Le Soufre
  5. ABHOMINE from Proselyte Parasite Plague – Blacklist
  6. SUICIDE CIRCLE from Demo MMXX – Prophet Of Doosmday
  7. ONDSKAPT from Grimoire Ordo Devus – Devotum In Legione
  8. BÂ’A from Deus Qui Non Mentitur – Procession
  9. BLOOD OF KINGU from Sun In The House Of The Scorpion – Cyclopean Temple Of The Old Ones
  10. TSATTHOGGUA from Hallelujah Messiah – Heirs Of Fire
  11. NATTVERD from Styggdom – Gatelangs I Land Og Rike
  12. BÜTCHER from 666 Goats Carry My Chariot – Sentinel Of Dethe