KROLOK signature on Osmose Productions!

Osmose Productions is very proud to announce the signature of KROLOK.

Krolok arose in 2011 out of a desire to create black metal the traditional way it was done in the 90s, rather than following any current trends.

First active signs of life have been shown two years later on a split with fellow Slovakian black metal act Temnohor, followed by a few demo and EP releases.

2017 finally saw the coming of the debut full-length Flying Above Ancient Ruins which soon gained the band a success within the international underground scene with its delightfully old-fashioned, yet fresh sounding songs.

With extremely sporadic live appearances and a deliberate pace of composing, Krolok values quality over quantity which was eventually recognized by the legendary Osmose Productions label signing a contract with the band in 2020 for future collaboration.

I perceive Osmose as a respected label, whose releases were very crucial for the black metal scene in the early 90’s.  Therefore Herve’s offer really surprised me and for Krolok it’s the beginning of a new episode …