2014 02 18




“To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu”

Laminated silver gatefold cover with double vinyls 180gram including an silkscreen on D side. Limited edition to 500 copies, available in Black & Splatter vinyl.


“Contemptus Saeculi” CD

Nuts Doctor Livingstone was created in 1998 in the Montpellier area in South of France, wandering eking and stripping over the years the most awful musical trends, the band formed by PLCD find a stable line-up in 2012 mainly due to the arrival of Révérend Prick, SIX, Meyhna’ch & d’Azat.


“Skulls n Dust” CD / TS (S,M,L,XL,XXL) 

Vinyl version is out since January 9th, 2014.
Four years after latest album and a split-up in between, IXXI is now back with a new formation, and stronger than ever. With a well known and respected reputation in the black metal scene IXXI has already been on the road with the new line-up through europe before this release. The new and fourth album Skulls n Dust is as Tomas Skogsberg of Sunlight Studio said “a milestone in the genre”.








“Assorted Armament” CD / TS (S,M,L,XL,XXL)

Vinyl version is out since January 9th, 2014.
Of IXXI’s three released albums Assorted Armament is the one considered by most to be the best album in whole.
Released in 2007, this album was the one that put IXXI on the black metal map. Innovative sound and a theme that never been heard of before. For live performances the song Assorted Armament is given and makes even the most rigid people in the audience want to break their necks.
Assorted Armament was recorded in Endarker Studio by Devo (known from Marduk). The re-release gives you a new chance to own this master piece and it comes with great new illustrations by M. Taccardi. Don’t miss it!


2014 02 12


will release their 12th studio album on April 14th via Osmose Productions.

“Vigorous And Liberating Death”
contains following 13 new songs (not in any order):
1. King Reborn
2. Flaming Sword Of Satan
3. Pathological Hunger For Violence
4. Vigorous And Liberating Death
5. Martial Law
6. Riskiarvio
7. Apocalypse Principle
8. Kuoleman Varjot
9. Vestal Virgins
10. Drink Consultation
11. Dystopia A.S.
12. Sananvapaus
13. Hostis Humani Generis.
Recorded at City Lights and S/Mental studios, V.A.L.D. is being mixed right now at Studio Fungus by the band´s long term sound engineer Max “Kosher/Kebab” Kostermaa who also handled the previous album Road To The Octagon.
“Vigorous And Liberating Death” will be mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox studios. 
Cover art has been done by Taneli Jarva. 

“Vigorous and Liberating Death” will be available on cd, gatefold lp (with poster) and digital download.

Impaled Nazarene has lined up the following live dates:

Liberating Finland 2014 tour:

17. 4. Kouvola, Rytmikatti
18. 4. Joensuu, Kerubi
19. 4. Kuopio, Henry´s Pub
20. 4. Seinäjoki, Bar 15

24. 5. Jyväskylä, Ilokivi (w/Ominous)
30. 5. Hämeenlinna, Suistoklubi (w/Ominous)
31. 5. Helsinki, Perkele klubi (w/Ominous)

and following festivals:

7. 6. Underwall Festival, Zadar, Croatia
20. 6. Hellfest, Clisson, France
25. 7. Carpathian Alliance, Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine
26. 7. Stonehenge Festival, Steenwijk, Holland
9. 8. Brutal Assault Festival, Fortress Josejoff, Czech Republic
16. 8. Summer Breeze, Dinkelsbühl, Germany

2014 01 27

Osmose Productions is very proud to announce a deal with the German Black Metal act DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT concerning a special vinyl edition for the albums “Follow The Calls for Battle”, “Nocturnal March” & “Hora Nocturna”.








2014 01 21



MUTILATOR “Immortal Force” LP 
350gram outercover, printed inner sleeve, 180grm vinyl black or clear.



REVENGE “Victory Intolerance Mastery” LP 
Casewrapped cover with silver foil, printed inner sleeve, 180grm vinyl black or silver.



2014 09 01


MARDUK. Fuck me Jesus MCD / MLP

The Mlp consists of 3 different limited colour editions
with silkscreen on B side.
Both are also under the original demo recording.
Not remastered and no bonus track.



 IXXI “Skulls’n’Dust” gatefold LP

The new album comes with a 350grm reverse board print
and 180grm vinyl either black or bone colour.
The CD will be released in a few days.



 IXXI “Assorted Armament”gatefold LP

The 2007 album re-issue comes with a 350grm reverse board print
and 180grm vinyl either black or white colour.
The CD will be released in few days.

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