Osmose Productions is very proud to ink a deal with Brazilian Evil Doom metal band THE EVIL!

Evidence of evil on the face of the earth has never been so present. Every day thousands are killed, tortured, raped and robbed… The greed of politicians; The perversion of the sadists; The indifference of the drug dealers; The falsehood of the priests; The wrath of the killers… Daily examples that the DOOM is near!!!

Maybe a bomb do the service… Maybe an epidemic…. Maybe our addictions… Maybe our own hands !!! A barren land will be left for the cancerous who dare to survive…

And as long as the devastation and desolation consume the insignificant lives of the human race being extinguished, the sound of the Apocalypse will be propagated by the four horsemen: MISS AILEEN (All Voices, Screams and Whispers), IOSSIF (Distortions and Screech Noises), THEOPHYLACTUS  (Bass Fuzz) and SAENGER (Drums and Percussions).


The band’s debut for the label will see release next year!