Summer is coming !

Do not expect the ANGELCORPSE vinyls to be in these days!
Too much problem affect the delivery and apparently the manufacture of the very limited edition with the splimat (we’ve been advise on Monday after 1 month of wait).
So we decide to postpone all the releases for August 24th right after our vacations!

Will be on stock at that time :
AD HOMINEM. Antitheist. Gatefold LP
ANGELCORPSE. Hammer of God. Gatefold LP
ANGELCORPSE. Exterminate. Gatefold LP
ANGELCORPSE. The Inexorable. Gatefold LP
ANGELCORPSE. Death Dragons of the Apocalypse. Gatefold Double LP
COHOL. Rigen. Ltd LP
MOR DAGOR. Reedemer. Ltd LP
SARCOFAGO. Inri. Hardbook LP (repress with hotfoil red print)
SICKRITES. The Deathscapes Raids. 7″EP

In the meantime, you still have 12 days to order at your favorite webstore before we close for vacations.