KHAOS-DEI “Opus II: Catechism”, new release date!

KHAOS-DEI “Opus II: Catechism”


New release date : JANUARY, 9th 2017

“Opus II may be one of the strongest orthodox black metal albums I’ve heard in a long time. As is typical of other French black metal I’ve heard, the sound is warmer than the Scandinavian variety.One of my favorite black metal albums so far this year.”
“A gigantic album , almost cinematographic”
Blutrache Magazine rating 4/5!
Zephyr’s Odem : rating 7,5/10!
Ave Noctum : rating7,5/10!
“écoute intense”… “cette pièce de chaos et de noirceur ne pourra que satisfaire les premiers amateurs de la musique du groupe et attirer de nouveaux fidèles autour de cette dévotion pour le Malin, par sa sincérité.”
And tons more very impressive reviews!!!!

A fucking damn shit!

2 months ago we put under manufacture the so fucking brilliant new album of KHAOS DEI “Opus II: Catechism” under CD/Ltd Digipack.

Since 2 weeks we are tracking almost every 2 days the factory to know what’s going on with the delivery.

Today is also the release date of the album, and here below what we get as answer:

Hello Hervé,
I got a message from production that they didn’t start production of these two titles OPCD327 & OPCDL327 at all by accident. Currently I am waiting for them to confirm the date for dispatch as they are trying to get the earliest date possible, I will get back to you regarding this as soon as I receive this information from them.

We are deeply sorry for the fans who are waiting for the new album, we expect to be able to ship there very soon,

Osmose Productions