Sjukdom ink deal with Osmose Productions!


You’re listening to the track “NAERVAER”

from the forthcoming album “Stridshymner Og Dodssalmer”.

‘Natt’ and ‘Avsky’ established Sjukdom September 2011. After having one record under their belt, the pace changed for a faster more in your face style of black metal. This was a change that the whole band was into, and the result came out brutal. With war as a main theme, the music fits the lyrics very well. The music may have changed a bit since the first record, but you can clearly hear that this is Sjukdom. Accompanied by Aske (former member) from Sweden,  the record turned out to be just the way they wanted.



‘Avsky’, Vocals and lyrics.

‘Natt’, Drums.

‘Nekrosis’, Bass.

‘Hul’, Guitar.