Remastered versions / New layouts

out on DECEMBER, 24th 2018

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Face A :
1 – Divine White Light Of A Cumming Decadence
2 – Blood & Latex Terrotech War

Face B
3 – Excreted Communion Under Khaos Zero
4 – A Caress Of Flesh and Vomited Romance



Face A
1 – A Doleful Night in Thelema
2 – The Drudenhaus Anthem
3 – Tragedia Dekadencia
4 – Enter The Church Of Fornication

Face B
1 – God Bless The Hustler
2 – Divine White Light Of a Cumming Decadence
3 – Dirge & Requiem For my Sister Whore
4 – Das ist zum erschiessen schön
5 – The Red Archromance



Face A
1 – Mother Anorexia
2 – Chatiment de la Rose
3 – Black Death, Nonetheless
4 – Stabat Mater Dolorosa

Face B
1 – Le Portail de la Vierge
2 – The Altar of Holocaust
3 – Hail Tyranny
4 – Ordo ab Chao : The Scarlet Communion
5 – Solitude

At long last, OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS reissues ANOREXIA NERVOSA’s classic New Obscurantis Order on vinyl format! Originally released in 2001, New Obscurantis Order continued the propulsive momentum of its full-length predecessor, Drudenhaus: simply, the band was on fire at this point! More dramatic, more dynamic, more epic, and above all also more aggressive, ANOREXIA NERVOSA truly put a permanent stamp on symphonic black metal with New Obscurantis Order. Likewise, the production here is more fully fleshed out, highlighting the extreme aggression as well as atmospheric elements with equal deftness.
Immense and intense, ANOREXIA NERVOSA became masters of the symphonic black metal subgenre with New Obscurantis Order – experience it again, or for the first time, now on vinyl!

(Nathan Birk)

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